Day 196- 197 – South of France Cannes

My air b and b room was terrible – I had no privacy! The only thing that separated my space from the rest of the apartment was a divider which the host’s dog would knock over. On both nights, I woke up to the dog just staring at me. My host slept on the lounge! It would have been incredibly uncomfortable if my host wasn’t one of the nicest people. It was still strange.

Cannes is a small tourist town on the French Riviera – synonymous with celebrities and the red carpet of the film festival. I have never seen so many glamourous boats in the harbour – the boats were like works of art.

I spent my first day exploring the town. I climbed up the hill to the tower of the old town where you get a panoramic view of the city. On my second day, I went to a private beach and hired a lounge and umbrella. I had the best time soaking the last hot days of summer  and swimming. I read, people watched and became obsessed with a bird on an umbrella. On the last night, there was a full moon and the harbour looked magical.

When I was leaving my air b and b host was washing golf balls that she collects and re-sells. She told me she loves hosting people because she will never get to travel but she travels through her air b and b guests. I left feeling grateful for my opportunity to travel.

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