Day 195 South of France – 10 hours in Marseille

After arriving early in the morning by train I stored my luggage at the station and headed straight to the port. Marseille is the second largest city in France. It was founded 2600 years ago and I was attempting to understand the city and the history in 10 hours!

I started by finding a coffee shop with a view from the rooftop which overlooked the port. I got to soak up the atmosphere whilst I got energised from the coffee and the sugar in my donuts.

With my new energy, I set off to explore Le Panier Marseille’s oldest neighbourhood. I loved walking through the narrow laneways and taking in the architecture and street graffiti. I passed several cute cafes many of which had pictures of sardines lining their walls. I even passed a museum dedicated to the sardine!

From every area of the city you can see the Notre Dame de La Garde and it was calling my name. I didn’t have time to climb the hill so I hopped on a tourist train that took me past the coastline. I got to see hundreds of French people soaking up the sun in rock crevices on the seaside. It didn’t look comfortable but it would provide a feeling of privacy that a crowded sandy beach couldn’t provide.

The view of Marseille from the Notre Dame De La Garde is breathtaking. According to locals, the church watches over the city keeping everyone safe.  The name literally means our lady of the guard. Local stories have Mary Magdalene coming to Marseille to convert the whole Provence to become Catholics.

Back in the town I found a restaurant with a water view and sat and enjoyed their signature dish – bouillabaisse – a fish stew. I also ordered a side of chips and wine. I sat in the sunshine and whilst I usually don’t like too much sun it felt like bliss on my skin. The effects of the sun, wine, food, and view took me to my happy place.

I spent the afternoon strolling around the town and ended eating at a cute café. I had Chevre Fernier (cheese), crusty French bread and wine for dinner – it was so good!


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