Day 191-192 – Arles, South of France – I’m living in a painting

Arles lies along the Rhone River. I followed the river from the train station to my air b and b in the old town. The room I’m staying in is a replica of a painting by Van Gough – the room. The detail is amazing I feel like I’m living in the painting. It even has an ear in the draw. Van Gough famously chopped off his ear in Arles and gave it to a prostitute. This intrigued me, my mind immediately thought of what kind of male, French prostitute would drive me to do the same thing.

You can’t escape Van Gough in Arles – this is where he did most of his work – over 300 paintings. Can you even imagine that! You can visit Van Gough galleries, eat at the café that Van Gough ate at and even visit the brothel where Van Gough gave his severed ear to the prostitute!

Arles is also famous for being an ancient Roman city. It still has the feel of a Roman city. There are ruins, including an Amphitheatre that is still used for concerts and bullfights. I loved getting lost in the cobbled laneways and soaking up the 2500-year-old history. Lucky for me there were lots of cafés and restaurants to sit back eat cheese, drink wine and ponder.


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