Day 189-190 France Bordeaux – learning to travel​ solo again

After being with my cousin and her family, staying at a retreat, staying with my friend in England I had become accustomed to people around me 24/7. I had found comfort in those relationships – in their presence on my journey.  In Bordeaux, I had to learn to be alone again – to find my rhythm of doing things by myself.

It takes time but once I’m in the flow again I begin to enjoy the benefits of travelling alone. Time is different when you are alone. You experience the world differently when you are alone. You do different things when you are alone. Emotions are more obvious when you are alone. I can see why some people are scared to be alone but there is no reality in the fear.

I have met a lot of people along my travels I have seen in their eyes, especially woman a yearning to do something like what I’m doing. That yearning becomes fear when they think of themselves travelling alone. Travelling alone takes you out of your comfort zone, away from your routine, away from friends and family, away from everything familiar. It raises terrifying emotions without anyone to talk to about them. when I was in South-East Asia I felt like those emotions were constantly on my heels. I’m thankful that I got to stop at an Ashram and learn to manage those emotions myself. Managing those emotions was one of the most liberating things I have done.

As I leave Bordeaux I find the rhythm of travelling alone again and feel the excitement of doing anything I want, going anywhere I want, staying for however long I want. As I wait for my train I eat my croissant, sip my coffee and feel truly grateful to be alive.

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