Day 188 – France Bordeaux– The French intimidate me

The French intimidate me. I admire the French stand on not wanting to speak English but this stand also exposes my inability to pronounce any new word – especially foreign words. Even learning new English words is difficult for me. Both my daughters will attest to how bad I am at remembering any new person’s name and then if I do finally remember it I will mispronounce their name if I have never heard it before. Nothing about French is familiar to me. As soon as my air b and b hosts introduce themselves I’ve forgotten their names – names even if I could remember I would be hesitant to pronounce in fear of offending my hosts.

Being in France has made me wonder how I have made it halfway around the world without learning a single word of another language. My poor memory has made me avoid trying. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I memorised a few French words and then when I needed help I would hesitantly start saying (mispronouncing these French words) and before I finished the word the French person would come to my rescue and start speaking English. I’m not proud of myself but it worked every time. The French turned to be far less intimidating then I thought.

My stay in France has made me want to overcome my poor memory and lack of ability to speak a foreign language by wanting to move to France and sometime in my life and learning to speak French. This excites me very much – there is nothing I like better than conquering a limitation. Thank you, France!

I loved exploring Bordeaux’s architecture, eating and drinking French wine.

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